Food Colors Manufacturer in Japan- Shrey Dye chem Industries

Our company is the leading Food Colors Manufacturers & Suppliers in Japan. The company is established around 2006 and presently we have become the leading manufacturer and suppliers when it comes to the Food Color and Dyes at Best Price in Japan. And, by the 2012 we have established our second manufacturing unit and in 2016 we have set up our third manufacturing unit where we have developed a separate unit where mainly the manufacturing of the Food Colors are carried out.

We, SHREY DYECHEM INDUSTRIES are providing the best Natural & Synthetic Color & Food Dyes in Japan. Our company makes use of the best quality raw materials for the manufacturing of the entire Food Colorus and Food Dyes ranges. The entire range is manufactured under the expert guidance and the entire fooding colour & Ingredients range is ISO 9001:2015 which makes them highly demanded in the local and national markets.

Food Colors Manufacturer in Japan

Since inception, We are Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters of Natural Food Colour, Primary Food Colour, Synthetic Food Color, Lake Food Colour, Blended Colour and also Cosmetic Colors, Speciality Chemicals, Food Dyes for industries, Coloring Powder & Ingredients in India, Afghanistan, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Thailand, Dubai, Kenya, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, UK, Japan and many more at market leading price. Offered attractive range of products by the company that are used for the variety of the purposes. They are highly safe and secure to be used. And, provide a great pigmentation whenever they are used for the respective applications.

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The best quality of the Food Coloring is provided by the company that are available in different variant which can be chosen as per the requirements at friendly price. Besides these the colors are also provided in the attractive packaging which keeps them safe from the altering atmosphere conditions and prevents their degradation. No spilling or tearing is caused while they are supplied worldwide. We are the leading Food Colour Manufacturer and Supplier in Japan..


Exporters of Food Colors in Japan

The entire range is available is attractive colour like red, yellow, orange, green, purple, black, brown, etc. other colour option are also provided. The entire colour spectrum range is provided by us and this fooding colour are manufactured using the best quality Food Coloring Powder and the foodstuffs coloring ingredients that are highly safe and secure for manufacturing of the wider product ranges. These colours are providing great bright color whenever they are used. The best quality Food Color such as Natural Food Color, Primary Food Color, Synthetic Food Color, Lake Food Color & Blended Food Color in all over India are provided by our company.

Shrey DyeChem Vast Experience, latest machinery and expert staff has contributed in manufacturing colours(food) which meet global norms. our Colours are globally used in Food, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetic industries in all over world. Besides this the production of the types of the Food Color and Food Dyes is performed in such a way that no harm is caused to the environment and we follow all safety measure and regulation while manufacturing and supplying Coloring Ingredients to the customers.

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Best Price Food Colors Suppliers - Features

The features of the Food colour provided by us are

  • Available in wide color ranges.
  • The best coloration or pigmentation is provided by them.
  • Safe and secure to use.
  • They are as per the foodstuffs and safety standards.
  • In small quantity its provides great color to the foodstuffs product.
  • Possesses longer shelf life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be stored for further use.
  • Easily available in smaller and bulk quantity.
  • We are also providing the facility of the color customization.

Coloring Powder & Ingredients and the Food Dyes range is known for its quality in the local and the national markets. And, our company is the prominent Food Colors Manufacturers and Supplier in Japan.

Best Quality Food Colors - Benefits

The benefits of using fooding colour are stated below

  • Food Colours are highly safe and secure for the use when it comes to manufacturing of the foodstuffs products and ingredients.
  • They are a great option when it comes to substitute the natural colour components.
  • The coloration provided by them is very effective.
  • Whenever they are used they are providing the great attractive colour to the bakery products.
  • In small quantity they can provide an effective colour for the desired products.
  • They are also helping in the protection of the vitamins and the flavours of the eating items from the effect of the sunlight whenever they are stored.
  • The bright colour of items makes them more easily distinguishable from the several flavours.

The SHREY DYECHEM INDUSTRIES are providing the wide range of the fooding colour of red, green, blue, black, brown, yellow, orange, purple, etc. and many more shades are provided by us. Besides this we are also the prominent manufacturer, supplier And Exporter of the Food Dyes in Japan, such as Tartrazine Dye, Carmoisine Food Dye, Ponceau 4R Food Dye, Amaranth Food Dye, etc. are also provided by us. The complete solution related to different types of food dyes is provided by us. The best Food Dyes in Japan is provided by our company.

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Food Color Suppliers in Industries


The variousTypes of Colors provided by us is used for the manufacturing of the alcoholic or the non alcoholic drinks, soft drink, juices, etc. and also provides them an attractive color whenever used. We provide the best Food Color for Beverages Industry in Japan that is highly used by the industries for their production.


Best Food Color for Bakery is provided by our company. These Natural & Synthetic Food Colors are also playing a great role in the bakery. It is used for making colourful bakery products like cakes, pastries, biscuits, cookies, puffs, etc. and it makes them attractive whenever they are kept for selling in the bakery shops.

Snack Food Industry

Presently, there are several industries that are associated with the production of the different kinds of the food items. These snack products varies from chips, popcorn, tortilla, fries, namkeen, wafers, nachos, etc. also makes sometime use of the Primary Natural Color for making these snacks more attractive and are highly demanded in the markets and we provide the superior quality food quality for the snack food industry.


These various types of colors are also making the confectionery items more attractive and their availability in the wide color ranges and these confectionaries items likes candy, chocolates, chewing gum, sweetmeats, candied nuts, etc. Our Food Colors are safe and provide bright coloration to the sweet item whenever they are used in these confectionery items manufacturing. And, we provide superior Food Colors for Confectioners in local and national markets.

Dairy Products

Our company is providing the best quality Food Colors for Dairy Industries and used in several ways for the manufacturing of these dairy items. The several dairy products like flavoured milk, lassi, butter, cheese, butter milk, flavoured curd, flavoured lassi, ice cream, etc. makes use of the colors & dyes. It helps to provide an effective color to these dairy products and makes them more attractive.


Besides this the Food Colors are also playing a great role in the Pharmaceutical companies. This are mostly used for providing the color to the tablets or the syrup that are manufactured by them. The certified Food Color for Pharmaceuticals Company in Japan is provided by us. And, we are providing the wide range of this color which can be used by this company for manufacturing of the different types of the medicines.

Animal Foods

Offered products by our company is also safe to be used in these Animal Foods or the Pet Foods. Nowadays, different varieties of the pet foods are available in the markets for different pets and purposes. When it comes to superior quality Food Color for Animal Foods than our company is the first choice amongst our customers.

Jams and Jellies

Different kinds of the jams and jellies of the different flavours are available in the markets and these valuable products are highly used for their formation. This jam and jellies look more bright and attractive whenever they are used for their production. We provide the Best Food Color for Jam and Jellies manufacturing company.

Squashed and Sharbats

We know that the different kinds of the squashed and the sharbats are available in the markets. These are providing the wide range of the colors and this Food Color provides them more attractive colour. Besides this they are used for the making different colour mocktail syrup, sugar syrup and cocktail syrup. And, the best Food Color for Sharbat manufacturing in Japan is provided by us.

Sauces and Seasoning

The best quality Food Color for Sauce Manufacturer in Japan is provided by our company. Different types of the sauces, chutney and pastes are available in the markets and types of colors are used for their manufacturing. The sauce like tomato sauce, soya sauce, chilli sauce, mustard sauce, garlic sauce, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise, ginger garlic paste, mint paste, etc. and so many places they are used. Besides this they are also used for the several seasoning, herbs and the spices and make them more attractive.

Canned Products

There are several canned products are available in the markets and in the manufacturing of these canned products is used. These Colouring Ingredients are helping in maintaining and providing the best attractive colour to these canned products. The best Food Color for Canned Products is provided by us.

Garnish Products

There are several garnishing food products that are available in the markets, which are used for decorating the final dishes makes use of the various colour for their manufacturing and this garnished product are available in the form of solid or liquids are highly used. The garnishing product like herbs, sprinklers, shedder, chips, sauces, syrup, etc. and many more are available. The best Food Colors for Garnishing Products are provided by our company.